This website has been developed to provide information for patients regarding the various medical conditions that I see within my busy practice.  I have tried to describe the aetiology of the various conditions and how they can be investigated and assessed before moving on to look at all the potential options that can be considered when treating them.

Much of the content reflects my specialist practice in hip surgery for arthritis and the various ways it can be managed.  We have put together clinical illustrations with x-rays and images that demonstrate the conditions themselves and describe the potential  treatment options.

I hope the content will be helpful and informative to patients before and indeed after they have been seen in clinic.  When reviewed after a clinic appointment, the information should clarify and reinforce what has been discussed.  Much of the content is likely to be a repeat of what was discussed during your appointment.

I have tried to be as thorough as possible, though clearly not everything can be covered on a website such as this in complete detail.   There may yet be other areas of my practice or specific clinical concerns that can be discussed during your clinic appointment.

While I have kept away from intraoperative clinical images and operative techniques in the main sections of the website, there is a section specifically related to that aspect of the hip operations I perform.  In addition, there are  links to other material to show how the procedures are performed that might be of interest to some patients.

Above all, I hope the content is reassuring and will provide helpful and easy-to-understand information for all my patients.

I have tried to illustrate and explain many of the areas of concern that surround the conditions I see and treat regularly within my practice.  The website has been developed to address all the questions that I am asked routinely in the clinic.