This website has been set up to provide information for patients relating to the various medical conditions that concern patients I see within my busy practice and the potential options that can be used to treat them.  Much of the content surrounds arthritis and how it can be treated. There are illustrations with x-rays and clinical images of the conditions as well as images detailing the potential treatment options.

I hope the content will be helpful and informative to patients before and indeed after they have been seen in clinic. The information should clarify and repeat much of what has been discussed during your appointment.

I have endeavoured to be as thorough as possible though clearly not everything can be covered in complete detail.  There may yet be other areas of my practice or clinical concerns that will need to be discussed during your clinic appointment.

Above all I hope the content is reassuring, providing helpful and easy-to-understand information for all patients.   I have tried to identify as many areas of concern surrounding the conditions I see regularly in my practice and have attempted to address all the questions that I am asked routinely in the clinic.

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