Ceramic-ceramic hip resurfacing with the ReCerf® device (MatOrtho)

My specialist interest in hip arthroplasty surgery and my successful experience of treating some of my young and more active patients using MoM hip resurfacing has, over years, led to my involvement in the development of a ceramic-on-ceramic hip resurfacing.  With the theoretical benefits of ceramic bearings, I have been part of the design team for the MatOrtho ReCerf® device.  An international group of experienced hip resurfacing surgeons have been involved in this over a significant number of years.  My colleagues in this project, working alongside MatOrtho, are Koen DeSmet (Ghent), Paul Beaule (Ottowa) and Bill Walter (Sydney).

Within that group the designer surgeons have performed the earliest implantations worldwide and subsequently the implant has been used more frequently in Australia, South Africa, Canada and in Belgium.

In the UK an initial clinical evaluation of the component is ongoing as detailed elsewhere on this website.  The clinical outcomes are under review and will be presented and published in due course.

As things stand, access to the procedure and device, as yet NOT CE marked, is solely from within the clinical investigation study.

Further information is provided below: